sailFar'ers Trip Reports and Tales

On this page are links which will take you straight to the stories of sailFar'ers and their journeys that they've shared in the Forum.

There may also be links to other websites, people who might not actually participate here, but who have made significant voyages that reflect what we think of as "the sailFar spirit".

Enjoy! :)

Tales told in the sailFar Forum

Tehani CJ and Laura abandon it all and head to sea in their Rhodes Meridian... (25')

Gaelic Sea Join in the Adventures of The Family Smollett onboard their Alberg, which has 7 1/2 feet of boat per family member... (30')

Pixie Dust Connie's Compac 27 and her ongoing adventure in the Bahamas... (27')

Faith Man, wife, and Peterdog retire and head south on their Pearson Ariel... (25'7")

Lynx A Man on a Mac goes to the Bahamas, back, and beyond... to the Erie Canal (26')

Revival Canadians in Paradise, eh? Going to the Bahamas on a Pearson Ariel... (25'7)

Rode Orm sailFar Europe, Swedish Style! Magnus & Isabelle, on a Laurin 32... (32')

Guenevere The Famous (and far-ranging) Delezynski's, on their equally famous Nor'Sea... (27')

Links to external sites with 'sailFar Spirit'

Sven Yrvind - Small boat designer, builder, sailor, & writer - Lots of very interesting, very small boat content here!

Sailing Simplicity - Ex-schoolteacher Teresa (+ cat, 'Dory') heads out for an open-ended journey onboard a Hess-designed Nor'sea 27, the "Daphne".

Bristol Channel Cutter Elizabeth - Ben travels south and out, 'buddy boating' with "Daphne", onboard his dreamboat, a classic Hess-designed BCC.