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Windvanes & self steering systems.

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Well, I'm not sure this is the appropriate place, but I notice that Smollett (sp?) already broached the subject:

I'm not quite ready to go for a windvane -- it's too expensive, and most of my cruising, while I hope it will cover long distances, will be coastal (at least for the immediate future), so I'm in the process of experimenting with sheet-to-tiller steering.

I've found a bunch of websites (many referred to me through the Cape Dory board), and I started experimenting last year. I'm still in the beginning stages of this quest--I bought a copy of John Letcher's book on self-steering just before I went into the hospital last year. It was great enforced reading!

Any takers on this subject?



Ran across what looks like a very interesting windvane system that is currently in beta testing (or whatever it is that non computer geeks call it).  According to the website it has been designed for boats up to 27', is a servo pendulum system weighing about 17.5 lbs, is highly compatible with outboard engines and transom hung rudders and is very sensitive for light air sailing. 

Oh, and if you are willing to buy one of the "test" systems, you can get it for an astounding 476 euros (about $611 as I write this).  Shipping extra, of course.  I don't know if us USA located folks would have to pay VAT or not.  The production cost is supposed to be 879 Euros (or about $1128)

Some readily apparent issues:  It is a new system that is not quite production ready.  Some assembly required.  You may need an additional mounting kit.  It is designed for boats with easy helms.

Bonuses: Light weight.  Low cost.  A designer who doesn't seem to be interested in blowing smoke up potential customer butts.  He appears very honest about the boats the vane is good for, and doesn't hesitate to turn away potential customers if he doesn't think it is a good fit.  Other stuff which I am unqualified to speak on.

He even has a few videos showing it in action.

Running down wind: [small] [big]
Close Hauled: [small] [big]
Tacking: [small] [big]

This might be a good deal for someone who is looking to add wind vane steering.   

Mr. Vane Self steering for small sailboats

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Looks very interesting and simple!  I'm glad you posted it!

I moved this topic to here (Gear Here) as this is a better place for this kind of thing.

Looks like an interesting piece of gear... I still have to read more on the site about it though. :D  I'd like to get a windvane for the Pretty Gee. 


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