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Windvanes & self steering systems.

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s/v Faith:
 Copied from CF post;

--- Quote ---Mister Vee have released plans for a self steering system to be self built with a level of skill that most keen DIY enthusiast have: OS Walt

OS Walt is the third in the line of self steering systems named after the late Walt Murray who inspired countless sailors to build their own self steering system.

The basic plans are totally free and comprise a list of materials and 3D pdf's.
The detailed plans include drawings of the individual parts and a support forum.

If you are interested in building a windvane self steering system yourself, free subscriptions to the website with the detailed plans are available untill February 7th.
Free windvane self steering plans from Mister vee

After the 7th you can only get access to the complete plans if you are invited by another subscriber.

Sven Heesterman
Mister Vee self steering
--- End quote ---

edit to fix link

I had trouble with the link, but finally figured it out.

Here it is again:


I just subscribed to the OS Walt... Should be interesting to see what happens.

Thanks for posting this.

I just signed up for the Mister Vee subscription and downloaded the plans.

It seems like an interesting site. Whether I have the capabilities to make this thing is another matter, but we'll see.



Capt. Tony:
Well, I went to the Mr. Vee site and subscribed.  The big wrinkle seems to be applying for a role (whatever that means), which enables one to aquire the detailed information for building the OS Walt.  I have read and reread the Walt Murray site for several years now and there are critical bits of information necessary to make a windvane that performs well. 
Has anyone here been able to access the detailed plans?  If so what is the 'trick' to getting in?


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