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Butane Heater
« on: September 28, 2017, 06:55:30 PM »
Best way to deal with the cold wx is to sail south.

Ok, so now that is out of the way...

Electric is good at a dock...  propane works ok...  the 'lil buddy' is ok on bigger boats, but too much for small boats or van camping.

I just found this;
Portable Butane Gas Powered Outdoor Camping Heater Adjustable Ceramic Burner by Mart...

It uses the same fuel as my stove...  I'll let you know how it works out.

I'll keep a window cracked open... yada yada...
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Re: Butane Heater
« Reply #1 on: September 28, 2017, 08:20:43 PM »
I use a Coleman Black Cat, propane, and shut it off at bed time

Rest of that quote is-

"sail south til the butter melts- and STAY there" :)
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Re: Butane Heater
« Reply #2 on: October 04, 2017, 09:31:01 AM »
    The Buddy heater comes in two sizes  9000 BTU and 18000 BTU.   I bought one of the smaller ones with the single ceramic square last year.   I dismantled it, and threw away all the pretty plastic garbage and controls, and plumbed it to a millivolt standing pilot controller that doesn't require electricity, and a simple mechanical thermostat, installed polished stainless steel reflector panels, and mounted it near the ceiling in a back bathroom that isn't connected to the central heating, pointed downward at an appropriate angle.  It uses propane from the main supply line instead of the throw away cannisters.    It does a great job, even when the power goes out.  A small computer fan on a button thermostat kicks on when temps near the ceiling reach 80F, and in that small space does a surprisingly good job as a ceiling fan.   It makes a cheap and effective heating system for that space.  Propane is pretty cheap when you buy 800 gallons at a time.
     I can't say enough good about these small catalytic heaters.  They are 100% efficient, as there is no chimney to lose heat.   I live in a dry climate, and they humidify (slightly), because the waste product is CO2 and water vapor.   The radiant heat they throw is like sitting in a sun beam, or near a wood stove, and they are cheap to operate.   Anything with throw away fuel canisters tends to be a bit more costly to operate than something using a large tank.   Unfortunately with the modern tank exchange services for the 20 lb bottles, the price per gallon of propane this way is outrageous.   A 20 pound propane bottle does not hold 20 pounds of propane.   It holds 16 pounds, as it can only be filled 80%   At 4.25 pounds per gallon that's about 3 3/4 gallons of propane for an outrageous $20 or so...$5.31 per gallon!!!    This is still a bargain next to the silly little throw away butane cannisters at a bit over $2 each.    I pay well under that for a gallon of propane.