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Windvanes & self steering systems.

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At the risk of being labeled a darn yankee
If anyone comes across a good used a.k.a. hurricane damaged windvane for my Voyager please inform me
Boat displaces 6700 lbs

Monitor, Aries or Windpilot


s/v Faith:
I'll tell you about the second one I come across.  ;D

put me in for the third one!!  ;D

I was just thinking about that when looking at the pictures from the big blow.
Man, I bet there are some good parts to be had cheap there! :-\

Captain Smollett:
Just out of curiosity, have any of you tried the sheet-to-tiller self steering?  I've used it and found it quite effective.  And simple.  And cheap.  And no specialized gear attached to my stern.

Balancing the sails and getting the setup balanced just so is probably trickier than with a vane (I've never used a wind vane).

I have some instructions on how to set that up. but have yet to try.
I have heard it works, but nothing about on a long passage under questionable seas...


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