Home Page is an online community of friends who are sailors, most with cruising in their hearts.
Folks of every sort from all over the world who share a common interest in enjoying life afloat, with an emphasis on “Keeping It Simple”.

We have all kinds of different sizes and types of sailboats,  different ways to outfit them, different plans of how we want to use them. The one thing which we have in common is this: we are skeptics with regard to all the marketing hype so common in today’s consumerist world, especially with regards to our sailing passion.
What does that mean? It’s simple!
Bigger is NOT inherently better, neither is Newer, nor is “More Stuff”.

Good Old Boats are welcomed here, as are what marketers call “small boats” of 35′, 30′, 25′ and even under in length…
Mono or multihull. New or old. Plain or Fancy.
Fresh from the factory, or barely saved from the crusher…
Whether you are rich, or on a ‘beans and rice’ budget…

Join us and share our common sailing passion. 🙂

Visit our Forum to join in on the community and discussion – we’d love to have you aboard!