Author Topic: COVID lockdown eases  (Read 248 times)

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COVID lockdown eases
« on: July 20, 2020, 09:31:34 AM »
 4 months ago,  :( I requested inter library transfer of two sailing books.

 Tomorrow,   :) 7/21/2020, I can make a reservation to pick up those books at the library! 

The thick one that would have kept my attention for many days is Captain Cooks around the world voyage of exploration.

Before the Wind, by Jim Lynch, is shorter, was published in 1961, and should be low tech sailing. :)

Now if some of the sailors here will tell of their shorter voyages, short or long, I will have even more to read.  Circling the globe is not a requisite to good reading, and hundreds of pages are over doing it for most of us.

Stuck at home >:( as many of us are now, sit down at your key board and create a story :D from your logs or marked up charts.  I have a couple of old charts of the northern Chesapeake, with x marks scattered about, and text notes on the back that tell the basics of a trip.  Memory fills in the more memorable details.

My Small Boat, Short Distance  8) post is an example of such a story.  Lets take some evening time and share your favorite sail, long or short.